Duo with Chouchane Siranossian (violin)

Virtuoso baroque repertoire for violin and harpsichord

chouchane siranossian diapason Jos van Immerseel locatelli violin

Program proposal “L’Ange & Le Diable” :
Pietro Locatelli : Violin Sonata No.12 op. 6 in D minor
Jean-Marie Leclair : Violin Sonata No.8 op.9 in C Major
Antoine Forqueray : Pièces de clavecin : Excerpts from 5th suite in c
Giuseppe Tartini : Violin Sonata “Il trillo del Diavolo” in g minor

About Chouchane :
Violinists capable of handling historical as well as modern bows with the same ease, are an extremely rare breed. With her first, iconic disc, the young French-Armenian Chouchane Siranossian could well become a shining example.  As a former student of Tibor Varga, Zakhar Bron and Reinhard Goebel (who holds her in high regard), she ventures to bridge the gap between the 18
th and 21st century and manages to put us across safely. Everything she touches, illuminates: an invaluable talent.”

This is an excerpt of a raving review of her new CD “Time Reflexion”, from the French magazine Diapason. The CD got the Diapason d’Or Découverte in June 2015.
Anima Eterna Brugge will invite this young French-Armenian violinist as a soloist for several projects in the coming seasons.

Instruments :
Violin Chouchane Siranossian : Giuseppe & Antonio Gagliano, 1795, Napoli
Harpsichord Jos van Immerseel :  Harpsichord Matthias Griewisch, Bammental, 2001 (Collection Jos van Immerseel). Reconstruction of an instrument by Michael Mietke, Berlin, 1714.

New CD “L’Ange & Le Diable” : this program has been recorded in Summer 2015. CD release in October 2016 for Alpha Classics.

More information : www.chouchane-siranossian.com