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Anima Eterna Brugge

Founded in 1987 by Jos van Immerseel as a musical Petri dish to cultivate the results of his research into music of the baroque era, Anima Eterna Brugge evolved from a compact string ensemble to the full-bred symphonic orchestra that it is today, exploring repertoire from Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to Strauss, Debussy and Gershwin.

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Duo with Lisa Shklyaver (clarinet)

the cream of French early 20th-century repertoire

Program proposal “La clarinette française” : Francis Poulenc, Sonate for clarinet and piano, opus 184 Camille Saint-Saëns, Sonata for clarinet and piano, opus 167 Claude Debussy, Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano & Images ‘oubliées’ André Bloch, Denneriana Gabriel Pierné, Canzonetta, opus 19 Darius Milhaud, Scaramouche for clarinet and piano, opus 165b About Lisa : Lisa Shklyaver is

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duo Jos van Immerseel klarinet Lisa Shklyaver poulenc


A look in the collection of Jos van Immerseel

It is no secret that Jos van Immerseel cherishes a deep passion for historical keyboard instruments. Over the years, a number of magnificent examples have come into his life – and stayed there! Van Immerseel’s collection, housed in a workshop/music library near Bruges, now comprises a wide range of original and reconstructed instruments: from harpsichord to Hammond organ and from clavichord to concert grand, together covering 200 years of keyboard history. A private museum? Not in the least: this collection lives and resounds between stage and CD recording, starring as a soloist, creating exquisite chamber music or standing proudly alongside the orchestra. Welcome to a virtual visit!

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